Pride and CookieCrisp

ME: (Trying to work, reading a list of book titles)

MY BRAIN: Pride and Cookie Crisp.

ME, DOING A DOUBLE-TAKE: No, Pride and Prejudice.

MY BRAIN: Pride and Cookie Crisp.

ME: How are you getting Cookie Crisp out of Prejudice?

MY BRAIN: They sound the same.

ME: Not really.

MY BRAIN: And I want to read something more interesting. “Oh, Heathcliff, I stay crunchy even in milk!”

ME: First of all, that’s Wuthering Heights. Second, we need to get this list sorted.

MY BRAIN: Fine. Snap, Crackle, and Mr. Darcy.

ME: …

MY BRAIN: I’ll bet you ten dollars he stays crunchy in milk.

ME: Would you please knock it off? We’ve got to get this list done, I have ten thousand things to do.


ME: Fine. Pride and –

MY BRAIN: Captain Crunch.

3 thoughts on “Pride and CookieCrisp

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  2. This is one fun blog. My brain keeps trying to discuss it with me when I’m working – along with everything else it tries to discuss with me. has comment by Fiery Cushman (wow, what a name!) from Headcon ’13 that seems relevant: “The problem is that every time I sit down to try to write a manuscript I end up eating Ben and Jerry’s instead. I sit down and I really try to focus on what I’m doing and then a voice comes into my head and it says, “How about Ben and Jerry’s? You deserve it. You’ve been working hard for almost ten minutes now.” Before I know it, I’m on the way out the door. … There’s a mismatch between the willpower perspective and the goal orientation perspective.”

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