SCOTUS Imperius

ME: (Tries to work)

MY BRAIN: So Clarence Thomas spoke in court today.

ME: Yes, that’s right.

MY BRAIN: And Antonin Scalia is dead.

ME: A little over two weeks now, I think.

MY BRAIN: Well, then it’s very clear what happened.

ME: Happened? I don’t think those two events –

MY BRAIN: It’s obvious: the Imperius Curse is wearing off.

ME: ??

MY BRAIN: Look, just think about it for five seconds. The robes. The lack of technology in the chambers. The endless incomprehensible Latin… they’re wizards.

ME: Have you forgotten the difference between fiction and nonfiction again?

MY BRAIN: Thank goodness the books weren’t placed in the US. “Harry Potter and the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals” would be a hell of a read.

ME: Now you’re just getting silly.

MY BRAIN: … Harry frees Dobby with a skinny tie and a copy of THE ECONOMIC STRUCTURE OF TORT LAW…

ME: Oh, shut up.

(Though I have let the site lag, my brain and I are still talking on my Facebook page, so I’m catching up. This post, as you might imagine, is from February.)

What does YOUR brain say?

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