Karen Carpenter and Odin

ME: (Tries to work)

MY BRAIN: Why do birds suddenly appear / every time you are near?

ME: Hey. No hating on Karen Carpenter.

MY BRAIN: I’m not hating. I’m worried about her.

ME: Probably unnecessary.

MY BRAIN: Dear Karen, I don’t think you understand that being stalked by birds is not a normal human experience.

ME: Do you think she can hear you?

MY BRAIN: Unless you fill your pockets with seed and bathe in Eau De Millet, birds aren’t going to pay that much attention to you.

ME: I’m pretty sure Karen Carpenter couldn’t care less about this topic.

MY BRAIN: Yup, Karen, pretty much what you got there is a classic case of bird perv. Or.

ME: Oh, Lord. Or.

MY BRAIN: It was Odin.

ME: What?

MY BRAIN: It was Odin and his ravens. Huginn and Muninn probably got tired of going all over the world, and so they decided to focus on one really cool person, so they picked Karen Carpenter. And then Odin decided he liked her, and they started going out.

ME: I always figured Karen Carpenter would be more of a Thor person.

MY BRAIN: And obviously she’s not going to brag about dating Odin, so she just referred to the birds, and figured we’d all get it.

ME: We all didn’t get it.

MY BRAIN: Well, *I* did. Also there was that other hint.

ME: I don’t recall any other songs about birds.

MY BRAIN: The following year she released that song “Rainy Days and Muninn”. She must have broken up with Odin by that point.

ME: I’m going to have to rethink my stance on medicating you.

MY BRAIN: Of course Muninn’s always been kind of a dick.