Atlas Toked

ME: (Tries to work)

MY BRAIN: So pot is legal in Colorado now.

ME: Yup.

MY BRAIN: And people are moving there specifically so they can smoke weed in peace.

ME: That’s what I hear.

MY BRAIN: It’s just like Atlas Shrugged when people were moving to Colorado.

ME: Exactly, if you consider pursuing unfettered capitalism and smoking pot to be the same thing.

MY BRAIN: They should redo the book then. Call it Atlas Toked.

ME: Um.

MY BRAIN: Of course, it would have to be only 420 pages long.

ME: It could probably do with some strategic editing.

MY BRAIN: And Dagny Taggart gets this roach and she spends half the book trying to figure out who rolled it.

ME: I always wondered what was in that cigarette.

MY BRAIN: A is A… but have you ever really, REALLY looked at A?

ME: I shudder to think what John Galt’s speech would sound like.

MY BRAIN: And instead of everyone asking “Who is John Galt,” they would ask “Who is John Galt, *and where did he get that great shit?*”

ME: I’m not sure what Rand would think of that.

MY BRAIN: Hey, she was all in favor of smoking. And she never said smoking what.